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The German trend label Rich & Royal was founded in 2006 by the brothers Patrick and Denis Stupp in Stuttgart. Inspired by the family – their father, Peter Stupp, founded Peter Stupp Mode GmbH in 1986 and prior to this was owner and CEO of Gin Tonic Spezial Mode GmbH – the two brothers knew from a very young age exactly which career path they wanted to pursue.

Shortly after joining their father’s company in 2002 the two brothers noticed that the fashion industry was undergoing a change. They seized the opportunity and founded the label Rich & Royal.

“At that time we saw a market opening for outfits that were both chic and rocking – precisely the type of fashion we wanted to create”, says Patrick Stupp today. The brand has since become one of the fastest expanding brands in Germany and is sold in more than 22 countries.

In addition to the women’s line, which is designed by a creative team at the brand’s main office, the collection also includes an accessories line and a range of flash programmes. In the design of the collections great attention is paid to high quality materials and a perfect fit.

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