S.OLIVER // Fashion

Fashion for every personality and every occasion, new collections monthly, great dedication to quality and excellent value for money: this is the lifestyle concept that s.Oliver embodies with ten product lines, eleven accessories and lifestyle concepts and incredible attention to detail.

From Spring/Summer 2015, the company will be adopting a new brand alignment and strengthening the s.Oliver umbrella brand under the guiding principle of "By the family for the family". Thus, s.Oliver remains quite at home in the casual world, and offers fashionable, up-to-date trends for every day.

SIR OLIVER becomes s.Oliver PREMIUM, and is seen as a high quality segment with a brandwidth ranging from occasion wear to elegant, sporty outfits. QS by s.Oliver becomes s.Oliver DENIM. This sublabel will be used for a highly fashionable, trendy statement that is notable for short-term flash programs and a faster time-to-market speed in the future. 

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