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SHAPING NEW TOMORROW is a Danish company with its roots in Aalborg, northern Denmark. Behind the company are three childhood friends Kasper, Christoffer and Christian that have decided to change the way we think about clothes. The vision behind SHAPING NEW TOMORROW is to elevate the level of our everyday wardrobe, with a focus on comfort for every occasion.

And thus, „The Perfect Pants“ was born. Since 2015, the three young entrepreneurs have worked on developing a pair of pants for everyone that wishes to look presentable and well-dressed without ever losing freedom of movement in their everyday life. They will never make you feel uncomfortable no matter what sort of activity you put them through: riding your bike, climbing a lot of stairs or going for a long walk.

Together with their manufacturing experts from Portugal, they have developed a pair of hybrid pants that are incredibly comfortable but still stylish enough to fit any occasion. It is a special developed fabric that is trademarked freefiber(tm) it is made with the vision to accelerate comfort to the next level. Premium cotton yarns are spun with Lycra and a characteristic open fabric structure is created. The fabric will adjust to the shape of your legs so the pants get a tailored look while feeling extremely comfortable as the fabric is very soft and has an incredible amount of stretch. It is a unique feeling of complete freedom.

SHAPING NEW TOMORROW products are only sold through their own channels, which allows them to keep the products affordable and of high quality. To avoid redundancy in designs, SHAPING NEW TOMORROW strives to develop timeless products consisting of classic menswear that are comfortable and that can be enjoyed for many years.

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