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Founded in 1961 by André and Coqueline Courrèges, the House of Courrèges stands for optimism and joie de vivre and continues to strive to set new innovations in all areas. In September 2020, Nicolas Di Felice was appointed artistic director of Courrèges. Through his collections, he presents his clear and insightful vision for the house.

Passionate about the world of fragrances, he has launched a new project in line with the comprehensive universe he expresses through design. At the same time, he wants to follow the tradition of the couturier-perfumer, fashion designer and perfumer at the same time. The fragrance collection consists of the following fragrances: SOLGAN - L'EMPREINTE - LA FILLE DE L'AIR - SECONDE PEAU - C - L'EAU DE LIESSE 

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